Say NO to illegal resource center
Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 @ 07:23:21 EST
Topic: Opinion

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Today’s Post had one article and one Letter to the Editor on the proposed Resource Center:

Palm Beach Post article

Karson article Scroll down the article.

Read what John Rinaldi has to say:


1. We have not seen the bona fides from the Mentoring Center or any of the other organizations who will be the service providers.

2. The City is in the process of interviewing and hiring a new Recreation Supervisor. Why cripple him with only being allowed to offer city programs at the Shuffleboard court building between the hours of Noon and 3 and only in a small portion of the bldg?

3. There has not been enough public input on this item- No plan has been presented to the neighborhood association most affected by this.

4. The economic conditions have changed significantly since the Commission first proposed looking at the Shuffleboard Court as an alternative to street side pick-up. The landscaping and construction industries are not as actively pursuing day laborers anymore and all this will do is draw more workers from farther away for fewer available jobs.

5. We have no mechanism in place to insure that laborers, or anyone else served by the center will be Lake Worth Residents. Even El Sol has that requirement for their center.

6. The Mentoring Center is planning on applying for a federal grant from the Dept. of Health and Human Services sometime in September. There is no funding in place at the moment for this.

John Rinaldi
Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast
109 N. Golfview Road
Lake Worth, FL 33460

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